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A Systems Biological Approach to the Anti-Atherogenicity and Anti-Diabetogenicity of High Density Lipoprotein

M. Yalcinkaya1, M. Cardner2, S. Goetze1, M. Balaz1, E. Luca1, M. Hunjadi3, A. Ritsch3, J. Hartung4, U. Landmesser4, G. Liebisch5, M. Claassen1, J. Krützfeldt1, C. Wolfrum1, B. Wollscheid1, N. Beerenwinkel2, L. Rohrer1, A. von Eckardstein1 (1Zurich; 2Basel; 3Innsbruck; 4Berlin; 5Regensburg)

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Translating the findings related to anti-apolipoprotein A-1 IgG in familial hypercholesterolemia towards the identification of a new endogenous disruptor of cellular cholesterol homeostasis

S. Pagano1, A. Magenta2, M. D'agostino2, F. Martino2, F. Barillà2, N. Satta1, M. Frias1, E. Favari3, A. Ronca3, F. Mach1, B. Gencer1, N. Vuilleumier1 (1Geneva; 2Rome; 3Parme)

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The Functional Relevance of Bile Acids in the Improvement of HDL-mediated Endothelial Protection After Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

A. Jomard1, A. Taheri1, M. Kraljevic1, T. Köstler1, C. Wolfrum2, A. von Eckardstein1, T. Lutz3, E. Osto1 (1Schlieren; 2Schwerzenbach; 3Zurich)

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Sirtuin 5 regulates arterial thrombosis by modulating endothelial plasminogen activator inhibitor-1

L. Liberale1, A. Akhmedov1, V. Nageswaran1, N. R. Bonetti1, M. X. Miranda1, F. Montecucco2, J. H. Beer1, T. F. Luscher1, G. G. Camici1 (1Schlieren; 2Genoa)

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Worsened Stroke Outcome in a Mouse Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis - Role of Tumour Necrosis Factor-a in Blood Brain Barrier Disruption

N. Bonetti1, C. Diaz-Canestro1, L. Liberale1, M. Crucet1, A. Akhmedov1, M. Merlini2, M. Reiner1, S. Gobbato1, S. Stivala1, G. Kollias3, F. Ruschitzka4, T. Lüscher4, J. H. Beer5, G. Camici1 (1Schlieren; 2San Francisco; 3Varkiza; 4Zürich; 5Baden)

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Correlation between carotid plaque neovascularization detected by contrast-enhanced ultrasound and plaque composition assessed by multicontrast magnetic resonance imaging.

M. Cattaneo1, J. Sun2, D. Staub3, D. Xu2, J. M. Gallino1, P. Santini1, A. P. Porretta4, C. Yuan2, N. Balu2, M. Arnold5, A. Froio6, C. Limoni7, R. Wyttenbach1, A. Gallino1 (1Bellinzona; 2Seattle; 3Basel; 4Lausanne; 5Bern; 6Monza; 7Lugano)

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