Award «Best Free Communication» and «Best Poster» (both sponsered by AstraZeneca), and "Running Up Award" (sponsored by AGLA)

The winners of the best Free Communication, the best Poster and the "Running Up Award" were announced during the AGLA Update Meeting 2019

Best Free Communication

Nicole Bonetti

FC5: Worsened Stroke Outcome in a Mouse Model of Rheumatoid Arthritis - Role of Tumour Necrosis Factor-a in Blood Brain Barrier Disruption

N. Bonetti1, C. Diaz-Canestro1, L. Liberale1, M. Crucet1, A. Akhmedov1, M. Merlini2, M. Reiner1, S. Gobbato1, S. Stivala1, G. Kollias3, F. Ruschitzka4, T. Lüscher4, J. H. Beer5, G. Camici1 (1Schlieren; 2San Francisco; 3Varkiza; 4Zürich; 5Baden)

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Best Poster

A. Vonbank

P15: The A Body Shape Index and Type 2 Diabetes are Mutually Independent Predictors of Cardiovascular Events in Patients with Peripheral Artery Disease

A. Vonbank1, C. Saely2, C. Heinzle1, D. Purin1, B. Larcher1, A. Mader1, A. Leiherer1, A. Muendlein1, H. Drexel3 (1Feldkirch; 2Triesen; 3Bern)

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Avec l’aimable soutien d’AstraZeneca

Running Up Award

Sara Oppi

P2: Protective Function of Macrophage Nuclear Receptor Corepressor 1 in Atherosclerosis

S. Oppi1, S. Nusser-Stein1, P. Blyszczuk2, S. Marzolla1, E. Osto3, A. Othman2, T. Hornemann2, K. Schoonjans4, J. Auwerx4, M. Oosterveer5, T. Lüscher1, S. Stein1 (1Schlieren; 2Zurich; 3Schwerzenbach; 4Lausanne; 5Groningen)

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